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Ina's Schedule in​a Time Zone of Your Choice

To show the image of the schedule and the original tweet, you have to consent to the usage of twitter. Click here to consent. Take a look at our privacy policy for more information.
Twitter will sunset free API read access. It will therefore be removed from the application. Most features will continue to work as before, but there are some limitations.
Automatic parsing of Ina's schedules in the new style is currently experimental. Schedules will be displayed in Ina's old style for now.

The previously implemented automatic schedule parsing is incompatile with Ina's new schedule design! Parsing for the new layout has been added, but since it is a much more complex layout and the fancy font makes the OCR process even more inaccurate. The parsing might not be as accurate as before.

Similarly, a lot of the schedule rendering has to be rewritten, including a lot of stylesheet and a few Javascript adjustments. It might take a while until the changes have been applied (especially if my motivation currently is already low). Schedules will be rendered in the old style until these changes have been implemented.

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